Jonas Folger – German Champion, Ilya Mikhalchik – Vice Champion 2020


The IDM – International German Championship ended today at the Hockenheimring in Baden-Württemberg, Germany after four events that still seemed almost impossible in July, and with top rider Jonas Folger (TEAM Bonovo Action by MGM Racing) as the new German champion. But the EGS-alpha-Van Zon-BMW team cannot complain either. Ilya Mikhalchik (UKR) secured the runner-up title in the championship with two podium places today (second in race one and third in race two). Vladimir Leonov (RUS) had a very strong weekend and was in the lead in race one. Unfortunately, he made mistakes in both races that cost him his position. In both races he made it to tenth and fourth position through a strong catch up. Tim Eby (DEU) was able to learn a lot this weekend, despite the weather, which didn’t really help him though and he worked on his confidence in the BMW S 1000 RR bike. The rider finished race one in 23rd and race two in 21st position.


The 2020 IDM season was over as fast as it started with just four events, but those four events were incredibly important to the sport and the IDM paddock. Thanks go to the organizers of Motorpresse Stuttgart for making a championship 2020 possible even in times of Corona due to their persistence and a good hygiene concept. For the fans outside, they were not allowed to come to the race track except for this weekend at the finale at the Hockenheimring, a comprehensive live stream and reporting was set up and the outside world could follow exciting races and action live from their sofas which certainly didn’t hurt the series’s fan base.


A calendar for the upcoming season has already been announced this weekend. So they continue to work meticulously to give the championship its platform. The EGS-alpha-Van Zon-BMW team will now recover for a few days and then start preparing for 2021. True to the motto: after the season is before the season. We hope that all of you will remain loyal to us in the coming season. Until then, everyone please stay healthy!


Ilya Mikhalchik, # 1:

“I had a good last race. The first few laps I rode a nice fight with Jonas. For me personally it was of course a nice feeling, which strengthened and motivated me. It was a very short season with just a few months and four events. That was pretty stressful for the short time, especially because you get pressure from all sides and you also have a certain responsibility. But we are very strong and we did a good job. We are second in the championship. So we are still right at the top. We will work on coming back as strong as possible next year. I’ll review the season at home and prepare even better for the next season. I want to thank my team and everyone who supported me. It was not an easy year for all of us, but we did our job and kept working on it. I hope that the next season will be a little more normal and clear again.”


Tim Eby, # 17:

“It wasn’t an easy weekend for me. I had quite a few problems with my arm because of the accident during the test here at the Hockenheimring in the pre-season. The whole season was very difficult for me because of the crash. It’s just not nice to start the season with a handicap. Other than that, I had relatively few problems and everything felt better from race to race. Here the weather was the main problem. The second race went significantly better than the first this morning. I was able to improve and had more fun riding again, which also brought me back my confidence. I will prepare myself well for the next season during the winter time and hope for further improvements next year. I’ve learned a lot this season and I’ve been at least a second faster than last year everywhere. This is very important to me personally. I hope the trend will continue next season.”


Vladimir Leonov, # 65:

“The season was really good, very short and compressed into two months, but good. In such a short time it was not easy for me to find the perfect set-up for the BMW S 1000 RR. A lot was new to me. Apart from the restrictions of Corona, I think it’s a really good championship. The level is pretty high. The first five to six riders are very fast and can all fight for the podium and that’s where I belong too. Unfortunately, in the end I only made it onto the podium once. It would have been possible this weekend too, I felt good. I made a small mistake twice that cost me a few positions. It wasn’t easy to catch up. I tried, but the first three riders were too far away. I hope I can show more next year and I hope that this will be within this team. It is important to me that we can do a few tests before the start of next season. Thanks to the team for this season. It was extraordinary, but good.”


Werner Daemen, Team Manager:

“We are very happy with the season. Of course it is very unusual for us not to be on the top podium. Folger showed a very high level. I think he and Ilya are about the same level. What Folger showed at the Sachsenring was simply incredible. Next year BMW is bringing out a new motorcycle and we can keep up again if Folger stays in the IDM. I’m pretty confident about that.”