Mikhalchik and Puffe lead championship

A successful weekend at the home race of the alpha Racing-Van Zon-BMW Team at the Belgian racetrack in Zolder came to an abrupt end today. After a sidecar was leaking oil onto the track-surface it had to be cleaned extensively. Unfortunately a second incident including liquids on the track occurred during the following Supersport 600 race and again everything came to a hold at Zolder. After a test ride by the Boxer Cup and Supersport the decision was made to cancel all following action on track due to safety reasons. Therefore the second race of the Superbike 1000 class did not take place today. 

Apart from that occasion today the weekend was successful for the team of Werner Daemen. Both riders, Ilya Mikhalchik and Julian Puffe had finished all sessions this weekend in first and second position. Mikhalchik overtook his teammate in the general standings of the International German championship due to his win in race one today and is now with 95 points in total only one single point in from of Julian Puffe, who now lays in second position. Already the pole position was snatched by the Ukrainian just 0.023 seconds in front of Puffe.

The alpha Racing-Van Zon-BMW Team was able to present a great show to its more than 400 guests at their home race this weekend and travels confident to the fourth round of the IDM, that will take place from 19th to 21st of July as support race of the Truck-Grand-Prix on the famous Nürburgring in Germany on top of the overall standings of the SBK 1000-class.

Ilya Mikhalchik: „I am not really happy with the decision of the race control today to cancel the second race. There was not really a reason to completely cancel everything, like if it would have snowed. Something like today can happen every time and what if it happens again next race. You can’t always cancel the races. But I am very satisfied with the weekend in general. We made progress with the bike again and got into a good direction. I had some good fights with my teammate. I am just not happy with the decision for the second race, as I think I could also win that one. But it is how it is and I want to forget about it now and prepare for the next race.“

Julian Puffe: „My résumé of this weekend is generally good. We have been in top spot already in all practice sessions. We had a great bike and were basically already done with the set up work on Friday. My crew did a fantastic job. I was able to have a good lap during the qualifying on Saturday and achieved the provisional pole position. I was going to improve that during the second qualifying, but I couldn’t reach the lap times anymore. I had to give the pole position by only two hundreds of a second to my teammate. But nothing was lost yet with the second starting position. The warm up this morning was the first one that I was able to ride this year. It went really well and I was in first spot again. For the race there was only one direction. I had a really good start into the first race. But it was red-flagged and started again. The second start was not as good. But I had a great battle with Ilya, was able to overtake him and stay in the lead for a couple of laps. At the end I had to settle with second position, but still I am super happy, as we are so much closer and we can continue to build up on that.“

Werner Daemen, Teammanager: „The weekend really went well for us. We always finished in first and second spot. Both riders had similar lap times in qualifying and were really close. That was perfect. The bike was better than during the weeks before. Ilya and Julian ran almost the same pace during the race and only a fraction of a second separated them. Unfortunately the second race did not take place, because the riders of the Boxer Cup and Supersport decided it would be too dangerous. We are not happy about that, but we have to accept it.“


21.06-23.06.2019 Zolder / IDM – Internationale Deutsche Motorradmeisterschaft | Foto: Felix Wiessmann


21.06-23.06.2019 Zolder / IDM – Internationale Deutsche Motorradmeisterschaft | Foto: Felix Wiessmann