The second round of the International German Motorcycle Championship (IDM) took place this weekend in Most, Czech Republic. EGS-alpha-Van Zon-BMW regular rider Ilya Mikhalchik did not take part in this event because he started for the BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team of Team Manager Werner Daemen in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The team was rewarded for a tough race with third place and thus with a podium place in the 44th edition of the 24 Heures Motos. But that took place almost 1200 km away from the Autodrom Most.


The two practice days came with mixed feelings for the three other riders of the EGS-alpha-Van Zon-BMW team, Jan Mohr (AUT), Pepijn Bijsterbosch (NED) and Tim Eby (GER). The hot track temperatures made the choice of tyres difficult and Mohr, Eby and Bijsterbosch finished the practice Friday in positions 12, 13 and 17. On qualifying day it was almost a bit hotter in front of the Hvenin Castle, which shines down onto the Autodrom Most. The riders with number five (Jan Mohr), number 17 (Tim Eby) and number 55 (Pepijn Bijsterbosch) were able to qualify with their overall placements on starting positions ten, 17 and 14. All three riders were satisfied with their work on the qualifying day, and the direction for the warm-up in the morning of the race day was decided.


The weather sheet turned completely on race Sunday. There was nothing left of the hot temperatures of the two previous days, a cool wind came along. At the start of race one, the EGS-alpha-Van Zon-BMW riders got off well. Jan Mohr pulled away and on lap two had already made up four positions to his starting position. Pepijn Bijsterbosch also got off to a good start, but was unlucky and crashed out in turn one on the first lap whilst trying to avoid a collision between Marc Moser (TEAM Bonovo Action by MGM Racing) and Alex Polita (TEAM Holzhauer Racing Promotion). Fortunately, the Dutchman was unharmed. Unfortunately Mohr wasn’t lucky either. On lap 13, a small highsider that the Austrian was able to avoid opened his airbag and prevented the 23-year-old from riding strong to the finish of the first race. Mohr ended it only in twelfth position. Tim Eby unfortunately suffered from the crash at the beginning of the race. He had to go wide not to go down himself and lost the positions that he had made up at the start. He finished the race one in 16th position. After Luca Grünwald (TEAM Kiefer Racing) was disqualified by the technical inspection after crossing the finish line, Mohr and Eby each moved up one place and finished eleventh and 15th. This is Eby’s first championship point.


The second race started on Sunday afternoon. The clouds were slowly closing in and you had to briefly consider whether it might start to rain or not. But it stayed dry. Both Pepijn Bijsterbosch and Jan Mohr got off to a good start again. Mohr was able to make up a few places, but then fell far back due to a ride out into the gravel bed. The race catch up brought him 15th place and just one point at the finish. Bijsterbosch got away just as well and was able to stay there until the eleventh lap, then he fell back a little and finished the race in 13th. Eby finished 18th.


The next event of the SBK1000 class of the IDM is part of the Truck GP on the Nürburgring from July 16 to 18, 2021. It is not yet clear whether spectators will be admitted there or not. In any case, you can follow the races again via the livestream of the series. Further information about the IDM is also available here:

Jan Mohr, #5:

In general, it was a very, very positive weekend for us. If we look back to Oschersleben, we have reduced the time gap by a second. On Friday I didn’t feel so comfortable on the motorcycle. I had to fight hard and was two seconds behind the front. On Saturday it went really well and we improved massively in every qualifying. In the first race today I had an incredibly good star and rode in position five ahead and comfortable fighting in that position. Then another rider touched me, I almost crashed and my airbag opened. I lost a lot of time and was three seconds behind the front in the end. I was just able to save twelfth place, which then became eleventh due to the disqualification of Luca Grünwald. I started the second race from further back due to the first race position. Again I got off to a good start and was able to improve. I was then behind Pepijn and wanted to overtake him. Then I made a mistake whilst braking and had to go into the gravel bed. I was then last and could only get one point until the end. Still, it was a good weekend, even if I’m not satisfied, of course.

Tim Eby, #17:

It wasn’t a good weekend for me. I am not physically fit and it really strained me. Usually I’m always really fit, but I got my corona vaccination right before I came here and that set me back a bit. At the end of the sessions I always lost up to two seconds and that’s just too much. In qualifying, I was over two seconds faster than my previous best time here in the IDM two years ago. That was the case in both races. That is a good step, but the level is tough. I was once last and once second last. Still, I take a lot with me. I hope that I will now recover quickly from the vaccination. Next weekend we will test in Zolder and I hope that I can further improve my feeling with the bike there.

Pepijn Bijsterbosch, #55:

Friday was a difficult start to find the right set up. That wasn’t an easy day. We continued to work on Saturday and were able to take small steps. But unfortunately it wasn’t enough for a good starting position. We weren’t good enough there. Sunday got off to a good start. The set-up already felt pretty good in the warm-up and I was motivated and had hopes for the race. Unfortunately my race was very short. When braking into the first corner, I got between two other riders and then crashed together with Marc Moser. The second race was good from the start, but the bike didn’t work that well. We had problems with the front and I don’t know whether that was maybe from the crash before. We still have to evaluate that. But my feeling wasn’t optimal. It was good that we were able to take away a few points. Now I hope that things will get better at the Nürburgring.

Werner Daemen, Team Manager:

Of course I followed the races on the internet and I have to say that Jan rode really well. Unfortunately, these two mishaps happened to him, nothing can be done about them, but his progress was visible this weekend. Tim also made progress again, even if he wasn’t in a good physical mood this weekend. I don’t yet know why things didn’t go so well for Pepijn. We have to evaluate that now. We will test one day at the weekend in Zolder and see where we can still improve.